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Wax melt subscription Box

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Welcome to our wax melt subscription service. 

Each calendar month we will provide you will 16 different fragrances from our wax melt range. These fragrances will be gift boxed and dispatched next working day. You will receive 16 individual signature hearts in a gift box. 

Sign up to our subscription service to receive 35% off your luxury subscription box.

You are able to choose the frequency of your subscription. Selecting from every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. 

Each time your subscription is due we will send you an invoice for the subscription amount. This allowing you the flexibility to decline or vary your payment method as an when you choose. 

February Subscription BoX


Soapy, clean and uplifting. Perfectly fresh with an elevating aroma of lily, iris and vetiver. 

Baby Powder

 Innocent, powdery and delicately soft . This floral fragrance has notes of fresh pink rose, warmer lily and a suggestion of smooth, soothing vanilla.

Rose Wonderland

Wander through a Rose Wonderland with this beautifully clean and uplifting winter edition fragrance that leaves a wintery but cosy freshness in the air and in the home.

Air Fresh

Refresh and revive air fresh is fresh, floral and fruity. The perfect spring fragrance. 

Clean Cotton

Comforting cotton blend with uplifting notes of patchouli, cedarwood, jasmine and lavender


A summery mango smoothie of sparkling tangerine and creamy ripened mangoes. Heart notes include golden tones of juicy peaches and watermelon with a clean green accord before leading into a lingering base sheer clean musk.

Sun Washed linen

The golden Citrus scents of freshly washed linens hanging in the gentle breeze. 

Raspberry xx

Tangy, sweet and full of nature's godness… there is nothing quite as delicious as ripe, rosy red raspberries.

Sea Breeze 

Our sea breeze fragrance oil releases an extremely fresh and ozonic marine accord with mossy top notes leading to a floral heart with hints of aldehydes, rose and orchid. All resting on a base of fresh herbs and amber


 mouthwatering confectionary blackcurrant preserve with a touch of soft vanilla, truly ripe, juicy and sweet 




Lemon xxx


For her 5